2019 Cheese Share Choices

This store is for Cheese Share members. 

Action is needed here if you chose either 'All 21 Cheeses' or 'Build-Your-Own Cheese Share.'

If you chose 'All 21 cheeses' at enrollment, please confirm by adding that option to your cart now. 

If you opted for 'Build-Your-Own Cheese Share' please place one of each cheese you'd like in your cart -- Minimum $95 charge. You may select multiples, but please be aware that they will be distributed on the same depot day. 

When you complete the checkout process, please choose the same pickup day/location as your regular season share. 

Descriptions below are from our cheesemakers. We fully expect this list will be the actual cheeses we deliver this season. If we need to make a substitution, we will get in touch with you.

Cheeses are listed alphabetically, not in order of receipt.

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