Holds and Pickup Day Changes

You can put shares on hold or schedule a temporary pickup change up to two times each season. If you put your share on hold, you can elect to either receive a double share on a subsequent date, or donate your shares to a local Council on Aging or food pantry.

Please note that if you put a vacation hold on your account and wish to receive a double share on subsequent day, you'll need to input a specific date. Double shares do not automatically follow vacation holds. 

Changes of any kind must be submitted by midnight on Saturday, the weekend before the week in which you wish to make a change. For instance, if you wish to make a change in the week beginning with Monday August 22nd, the request needs to be submitted by Saturday August 20 at midnight.

If you have a question about placing a hold/double/pickup day, please email Tamara@farmdirectcoop.org. 

Please be sure to read the following if you are scheduling a Double Share and have a Special Share (Bread, Egg, Cheese, Flower, Mushroom or Cook's Share.)

Specialty Shares and Double Shares:

Mushroom, Egg, Flower & Bread Share: When you pick up your double share, these items will be in the Specialty Share tent. No need to check in with the coordinator for these items - if you are collecting a double, just take two.

Cook's Share + Cheese Share: If you skip a Cook's or Cheese Share week, we will hold the items for you. You can pick them up at your next trip to the depot in the admin tent. Check in with your coordinator. You will not take a double of these shares on your double pick up day. 

In a Nutshell: If you miss cheese or a Cook's Share item, we will have it for you at the depot at the admin table on your first day back after vacation. If you miss mushrooms, eggs, flowers or bread, you will double those item on the day you are scheduled to take your double share. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your vacation hold/double share/location change, please contact the system administrator.